12th SwimSilvestre - 31/12/2023

The SwimSilvestre is a 1500 meters swimming crossing on the Varador beach in Mataró the last festive morning of the year. This crossing has been a pioneer in the world of open waters, it is the first San Silvestre that is organized from 2012, hence the original being, and that has become traditional, since year after year is a meeting point for swimmers to take off the year doing what they like most.

It should be noted that the swim is carried out in cold water. The average temperature of seawater at these dates is around 13ºC.

The SwimSilvestre is in solidarity with Càritas Mataró, to which we dedicate part of the registration rights.

This event has the support of the Centre Natació Mataró.


Start at 01/10/2023

Until 27/12/2023.

Price per person 25 euros, with yellow chip, 27 euros without yellow chip.

You have to fill the xswimmer's data at the Registration form


Deposit chip.

The swimmers to collect the chip must submit a deposit of 10 euros which will be returned to its delivery to end the race. Failure to return the bail chip is lost.

Casquet zero

If you can not swim and you want to participate in this solidarity cause, you can do this with a minimum contribution of 20 euro.

Make the payment to the account ES97-2100-0064-81-0200606965 and fill the concept CASQUET ZERO.

Sens an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with proof of income and you have registered.


Varador Beach, in front of Centre Natació Mataró.

Access by train at Mataró station or by car by N-II.

You can use the park areas in the same road.

SwimSilvestre villageSchedule

  • 08:30 - 09:30. In front of Centre Natació Mataró. Signatures and chip delivery.
  • 09:45. Call room. Briefing.
  • 10:00. SwimSilvestre Start.
  • 12:00. Awards and raffle material.

Race Map

It is a triangle 1500m start and finish at the same point on the Varador Beach, in front of the Centre Natacio Mataró. The itinerary will be clockwise turning two buoys to the left, the swimmer leave the buoys on its right and make a final lenght to the finish area.

SwimSilvestre raceWetsuit cleaning, changing rooms and showers

Before entering Centre Natació Mataró and collect your bag, you will find a hose to remove the sand and clean your wetsuit.

Expo Area

This year we will have a space right outside the front door of the Centre Natació Mataró with a small area where you will find different products, companies and activities related to open water swimming. There you will find various promotions and raffles.

You can also find the registration tent where chips collect and incidents will be handled before the SwimSilvestre.




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