• Open waters: Adaptation and competition

    El Masnou, 11/06, Edifici Centre and Complex Esportiu Municipal

  • XV Baixada del Renaixement

    23/07. Xerta - Tortosa. 12.522m.

  • Sailfish 4x1000 - 4x400 Kids League. Day 2: Mataró

    El Masnou - Mataró - Badalona. Relays league in solidarity with diferent associations

  • Finis UltraEbre Swim Marathon Original 30.830m and Half 15.000m.

    27/08. Tivenys - Xerta - Tortosa - Amposta / Tortosa-Amposta.

  • Sailfish SwimSilvestre

    Mataró, 31/12. 1500 metres in charity with Càritas Mataró

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Sailfish 4x1000 - 4x400 Kids Mataró

Mataró, 18/06

Second day of the open water relays league


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Open waters: Adaptation and competition

Learn about the pass form the pool to open waters in an interesting clinic.

Meet us next June 11th

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Finis UltraEbre Swim Marathon

Saturday 27/08

Original 30.830m - Half 15.000m

Come with us and enjoy an unique experience

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XV Finis Baixada del Renaixement

Saturday 23/07

Xerta - Tortosa, 12.522m

Come and swim in a fast and amazing race

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