What is xswim project?

  • A non-profit sports association
  • A multidisciplinary meeting point open water swimming oriented.
  • An open project to everyone without level restrictions or sports curriculum.
  • A common space to share experiences, propose challenges, advise, counsel and training on open water swimming and all that surrounds.
  • A compilation of all that we need: technique, training, fitness, nutrition, health and environmental knowledge.
  • A set of events where we can compete or participate, where we find individual or team trials, traditional and innovative.

What do we do in xswim project?

  • Disclose tips on swimming, nutrition, health, fitness and knowledge of the environment.
  • Share experiences and challenges.
  • Propose and customize outputs, trainings and workshops.
  • Organize learning activities thinking in the open water swimmer preparation..
  • Organize different tests looking for everyone to find their better.
  • Provide advice in organizing trips and preparing challenges.
  • Contact professionals to feed your needs.
  • Network between open water athletes.

What motivates us in xswim project?

  • Promote cooperation and solidarity in the sport.
  • Share knowledge and experiences.
  • Form and report on open water swimming and everything surrounding it.
  • Go for a swim in the pleasure of swimming and compete when necessary.
  • Emphasize safety and its value.
  • Respect the environment.
  • Apply the principles of sustainability.
  • Encourage open and free.participation

What is being an xswimmer?

  • Being a passionate person for the open waters.
  • Enjoy the pleasure of swimming.
  • Live, share, propose and promote experiences and challenges.
  • Learn more about open water swimming.
  • In summary, "To be an xswimmer is to have an attitude"


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