Open to all swimmers over 18 years. It will be allowed to participate under 18 years prior authorization of their legal guardians and prior authorization of the Organization based on the course and their sports curriculum.

Each participant is responsible for his/hers physical condition before starting the swim race and agree to participate under his/her responsibility. In cases of illness and/or disability should be notified to the organization, reserving the right to allow their participation.

The organization reserves the right to request the participant a medical certificate that verifies the physical state and the capacity to participate in the event.

We recommend the use of neoprene, although some events may be declared mandatory. or prohibited This obligation is justified by distance, the difficulty of the course, the temperature of the water, currents in the area and the date of the event. In events under FINA rules will comply with current regulations.

The route can be altered if recommends the weather conditions, getting the suspension of the event under final decision of the Safety Technical Committee.

There will be provisioning points established by the organization during and at the end of the event.

Each participant will receive the identification and security material determined by the organization. Optionally, you will receive a swimmer's bag.

Depending on the event is expected to provide public transportation for all participants from the meeting point to the start, and from the arrival to the meeting point, if necessary.

The organization is not responsible for loss of personal belongings of the participants. To avoid this, please do not leave valuables in bags of wardrobe.


The registration is non-transferable, because the fact of registering constitutes acceptance of these rules.

Each event will detail what the inscription includes.


Management of casualties. Up to two months, in the case of the UltraEbre Swim Marathon, and one month, for the rest of events, before the test, in case of justified drop, 50% of the registration will be refunded. After this deadline, no refund will be made in any case, including injuries, accidents, travel, etc.

Cancellation insurance. In some events cancellation insurance can be contracted at the time of formalizing the registration with the parameters described in the inscription of each event.

Name change. Up to two months, in the case of the UltraEbre Swim Marathon, and one month, for the rest of events, The organization will charge 30 euros for this gesture.

The registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances, including suspension or modification of the event route due to adverse conditions or force majeure outside the organization. In no case will the event be postponed to another date.

Safety Measures

In the first level of safety there are kayaks, which develop the task of piloting and guide the swimmers.

In the second level of safety you will find the motor boats, performing tasks of provisioning, monitoring, pilot, rescue and evacuation. Among the boats you will find one of medical, at least.

At a third level of security will find the ground teams, we can provide first aid care or transfer to a hospital.

We also have at our disposal the emergency teams in the area.

Both in the water and on the ground, it will have a medical service to cater to any need for a participant.

Safety Technical Committee

The Safety Technical Committee is responsible in making decisions that affect the safety of the event, allowing it, making changes of route or ordering the suspension of it.

The Safety Technical Committee will evaluate weather conditions and security in the area at the time of the event, as well as the security measures that surround the event.

The Safety Technical Committee of each event is formed by the technical manager of xswim project, the technical manager of the kayaks and the technical manager of the operating motor boats, usually the security officer of the Yacht Club, Sailing Club or Marina in the area where the event takes place.

We define a general Celebration-Cancellation event protocol, flexible to the circumstances associated with time to carry out the event.

Event Celebration-Cancellation Protocol

In events at sea: the wind, the height of the waves, the water temperature and the swell are the 4 main climatic variables to take into account.

In events on the river: the wind, the fog, the flow of the river and the water temperature are the 4 main climatic variables to take into account.

Consider in a second term weather forecasts and their involvement in the course of the event.

Also take into account safety and pilot partners. The factors, among others, are the number of kayaks, kayakers abilities, the number of boats and means of rescue and evacuation.

As a general guide we will consider the following scale, according to the wind:

  • Wind force 0 and 3, the event will take place normally.
  • Wind force 4 and 5, the Safety Technical Committee will decide the normal development, holding in one of the alternative routes or the cancellation.
  • Wind from force 6, the event will be cancelled to ensure the safety of swimmers and kayakers.

Is over any decision of the Organisation notices of Civil Protection and Emergency services.

Obligation not to complete the test

The Organisation reserves the right to force not to continue the test participants to ensure their safety.

Below are some cases in which members of the organization will end the adventure forcing participants to raise a support boat:

  • Worsening weather conditions or the state of the sea, river or reservoir which endanger the participants of the event.
  • Whenever a participant shows signs of extreme fatigue, dehydration, hypothermia, extremely slow pace or any other signs that impedes normal swim.
  • Participants who do not follow the signs up the organization, as well as swimmers who are outside the safety limits defined by the first arc of security, kayaks, exposing themselves to the risks of maritime or river traffic.
  • When the swimmer does the distress signal, raising one or both arms.

Boat volunteers ensure the safety of swimmers and may compel any swimmer to leave the test to ensure their safety.


The Organization will have a civil liability insurance policy and another of accidents, such as legislation, so that all participants will be covered.

Personal Data

To fulfil the 15/1999 of December 13th Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data and the law 34/2002 of July 11th Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, xswim project, informs and the participant agrees that all the personal information you gave to xswim project is incorporated to a personal automatic file of which xswim project is responsible.

The objective of this confidential file is:

  • Administrate your participation at the event.
  • The management of the information of the event, mainly time, photos and videos.
  • The participants’ statistic control in order to improve the organisation of the events by making the necessary changes.
  • Promote or advertise the activities, services and articles offered by xswim project‘s collaborators and sponsors of the events.

By filling in the inscription form you state that you allow the personal data you therefore gave to be used by xswim project.

In any case you can, at any time, revoke your permission and execute the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Authorization for use of images

As the Constitution (article 18.1, law 5/1982 May 5th) recognises the right of image, right of honour, of personal and family intimacy, xswim project asks permission to the sportsmen and sportswomen or to the legal guardians of the minors to publish photographs in which they appear in a way they are clearly recognisable.

The sportsmen and sportswomen or the legal guardians of the minors, by registering for the events, accept that their or the minors’ image could appear in photographs or films made during the xswim project activities:

  • Web pages
  • Films intended to be published
  • Photographs for magazines or publications
  • Digital presentations

Waiting lists

Once you have reached the limit of participants in an event, the organization will open a waiting list of participants who have been out of the event.

The organization resolved within no less than 72 hours prior to event participation or not participating in waiting under strict order of registration.

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